Tony Blair is an Angel

They both deserve a medal and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ok I’m waiting for the rotten tomatoes to come out, death threats and lord knows what else!! and maybe I have contradicted myself and my beliefs, but I am a man who can admire someone from any political side, (but Tony really wasnt that far away from my side!!) I would call myself a “Blue Blairite” Yes I hate Labour vehemently and all Socialist, Left wing movements but Tony Blair was different.

Tony Blair is a remarkable man and incredible humanitarian man of peace, for I believe he and George W Bush saved the world.

I find it remarkable how a man can transform a party of horrific incompetence, a party in the pockets of the unions, singlehandedly (with a little help from his spinning friends!!)  transform a party, rotten to the core with communist dinosaurs and corrupt with blood money from the wicked wicked Trade Unions, a party with a vision to destroy life for those over a particular salary bracket! He made Labour electable and this man, with his vigour, energy, passion and drive did it and overturned a stale government of almost 20 years with a resounding majority. That is no mean feat, that is Tony Blair!!

Tony Blair is a Europhile, allowed the opening of the floodgates to mass immigrants, Brown ripped them off the hinges!! His ministers, ruined the Education system introducing a crippling top up fee system which would deprive many talented pupils a place in University, His government created a welfare system that made it pay to scrounge and do nothing with ones life, he (admittedly he did not want to do this) ended the English tradition and much loved Fox Hunting. He did a lot of terrible things for the country and giving Gordon Brown the reigns was the nail in the coffin for Britain, who in 3 years of leadership, destroyed the country and eclipsed the failings of 10 years of Blair. Gordon Brown was the death knell for Britain.

But where his government failed the UK, his character, his grit, compassion and determination may have saved the world.

Countless Prime Ministers tried and failed miserably to end the barbaric crusade of the evil Irish Republican Army, governments failing, cease fires ending, yet this man brokered a peace pact, The Good Friday Agreement, which virtually put out the flame of evil from the Republicans. Northern Ireland is now a safer place, the UK is a safer place, The IRA, would laugh with pleasure and consider it a feat as their bombs murdered children. Tony Blair was the one who said “no more” and he did something about it, which many had tried and failed.

In 1999 whilst the sick and evil Slobodan Milosevic’s army was destroying Yugoslavia, committing mass atrocities of rape, murdering men, women and innocent children, especially boys, the world stood by and watched. Whilst hearing the screams of terror, the machine guns firing and the smell of fire, blood and death in the air, The Yugoslavians must have been, whilst in the grip of incredible fear, praying for someone to come, praying to be rescued, praying for an Angel. God obviously heard. Tony Blair led a NATO coalition and freed the yugoslav people from unspeakable horror. Tony Blairs actions as in Northern Ireland liberated the country and gave the people the peace they thoroughly deserved. Whilst the victims will never recover from the trauma Milosevic put them through, Im sure they will always remember the lights in the sky, the huge “wings” from above coming to set them free. Thanks to Tony Blair.

911 changed the world, when the evil Osama Bin Laden orchestrated the greatest islamic terror atrocity the world has ever seen, he knew he had the world in his hands and to play with  as his toy and do with what he saw fit. He loved it. But of course Left Wing conspiracy theorists could not accept that a vile terror organisation was responsible, “its the Jews, its the Freemasons, Bush did it for oil, Its an Insurance job”!!! NO it was a crazed, evil islamic extremist who knew exactly what he was doing. When the “messiah” carried out the horrific attacks, he knew well that he was leading his people into war, luring the west into his trap! and that he did so!!

911 must have been an incredibly expensive operation and in my “Right wing” conspiracy theory, I would happily wager a fish supper and can, that Saddam Hussein had invested heavily in this wicked plot!!

In a way Bin Laden & Al Quaeda carried out a modern day Gun Powder plot and it wouldn’t shock me that in years to come, the Left Wing thugs of the world will wear Osama masks in the name of “Protest”.

So we have a nut job in Bin Laden who only had to say “hello” to get his flock gathered, a flock all over a very big planet, a flock so twisted and evil with a frightening gift of intimidation and manipulation recruiting people of all creeds and religion to join the evil cause. A man with funding who could do untold damage to the world.

Saddam Hussein, just as evil and twisted, did he have WMD’s? did he not? Well he either didnt or he did? I certainly believe he did!! So Mr Blix found Jack shit!! well hello!!! Nukes can be shifted!! duuuuhhhh!!!

So the world had 2 crazed extremist tyrants on the loose, one being shielded by the Afghans and their Extremist Taliban regime!!

The world needed protecting and there were only two people courageous enough to step up to the plate and effectively save the world!!, The Great George W Bush and our very own saviour, our “Angel” Tony Blair.

So Lets give the Left their way, its 911 again and we do nothing!!! We cry, we have tributes, we condemn Osama but we don’t go into Afghanistan!! We just let it be! The same for Saddam, he pricks the world around, threatening to nuke us, but hey sod him!!!

The atrocities of 911 would only have been the scratching of the surface had action not been taken and a message to the extremists sent that we will not tolerate terrorists and the world will not be held to ransom.

Yes lives have been lost tragically, but lets look at Iraq and the fanatics there how they treated the hostages they took, “beheadings, executions” these are the people that we have to deal with day in day out controlled by the mad men, Saddam & Osama!!!

The wars on Iraq and Afghanistan may have been long and bloody, put the end result will be a planet, a world saved from obliteration by fanatics.

The wars have been costly, in both lives and money but at what price our children’s children and so on.

The eyes of the world have been opened to the dangers of radical Islam and its teachings of hatred, violence and death. These people give the good people of Islam, which is a good religion based on peace, caring, love and loyalty a horrible name and sadly ropes them in to a war that they play no part in.

Tony Blair is a humanitarian as is George W Bush, both have terrible flaws domestically but my lord above they put their protective  arms around the world and and took the bullets of fanatics, the insults and hatred of the Left but in years and years to come, even maybe when they have both sadly passed, one day the world will read and watch and realise what great saviours they were and one day give these incredible men a huge;


I certainly do, every day.

Tony Blair is an Angel and a saviour, and in my opinion, one day he should be made a saint. But in my eyes and probably the people of Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan we are all unanimous, he should probably get the Nobel Peace prize.

Biblical History shows Lucifer to be an Angel also, he just got himself a bad name but look deeper and through the things written.


In Defence

I am an ardent listener to “Your Call” on BBC Radio 5 live ( I know its the Beeb, I know I dont approve of it but this is a very good show!!) any ways, whilst debating about John Terry a caller said along the lines of, “Sorry if im being racist but the manager of England should be English”. (words to that effect anyways). BUT, why is that being racist, why is speaking up for your country racist.

So is “English a racist word, is Defending your country a racist action.

Ive never know how The English Defence League, with Gay, Black, Jewish members can be branded, racist, nazi, fascist and homophobic for exercising their right to make a peaceful protest and a stand against a radical Islam & terrorism.

How can condoning Terrorism, death, violence &  forced marriage be racist!!

How can the UAF, who fraternize  with terrorists, condone terror atrocities and hate the Jews be branded as the heroes. In the face of a peaceful and democratic protest, the UAF as with all left-wing groups resort to über violence, riot and dis-order.

When anything connected to the Left rears its ugly head, violence always follows yet it is the EDL who is branded responsible.

Something is not Right!!

Lets jump in a time machine (Oh God I wish I could!!, that’s a life full of regrets speaking!!) and look back to the EDL march in Bolton 2010, I recall a man who used to stand in Victoria Street, An American WW2 veteran, he was a Communist, holding anti-war placards and handing out Communist newspapers. Having had chats with him on a few occasions, He fought gallantly and regardless of political divide I had a lot of respect for him, as I do all war heroes, however I could not believe the hatred this gentleman had for the Jews and Israel, “The Iraq war, was because of the Jews”, “The Jews control everything”. This I found very insulting as I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for the Jews, I think Israelis and the people of the Jewish faith are some of the kindest, hardworking, compassionate and caring people I have ever met, not to mention, the strength and dignity they have always in the face of adversity. (Sorry getting off the subject but im quite protective of the Jews). anyways where was I…. aah yes so anyways, when the Extreme UAF and Radical Islamic groups came together in Bolton, this little old man was straight back to the front, holding up his placard and again fair play to him, that’s the soldier in him coming out and the fighting spirit. Yet when interviewed he stated that he had “fought Nazis and didnt want them back”!! eerrr correct me if Im wrong but didnt the Nazis have a few issues with the Jews?? yet he was marching proudly with an anti semitic group!! Must just be me!!
I dont condone any violence which may occur from EDL protestors also, there is no need for it and no need to stoop to the level of the thuggish yobs of the UAF.
However the message coming from the EDL has no malice or hatred in it whatsoever, only words of defence for a nation that has some big problems!!

Cor!!! What a Beauty!! The UAF bringing a bit of glamour to the show!!!


On a final thought of English defence, I was saddened about the sacking of John Terry as England Captain as I am an ardent supporter of the fact, “innocent til proven guilty” If John Terry is found guilty, then my stance will change and I will never show him an ounce of support again. I hate racism it is unacceptable in any form, the colour of ones skin or choice of religion should never ever be used as a platform for hatred. But I also hate acts of terror and violence in the name of religion, whatever religion that be. Anyways. I have been branded a “racist” for supporting John  Terry who has yet to be convicted of the charge, also regardless of what he is supposed to have said, I was not there, I did not hear it and I am not in a position to judge. As a football fan I want the best for my team and John Terry in my opinion is the best defender England has had since Bobby Moore, he is a leader, he has a voice and is a commanding presence in defence. In what has to be one of the worst England teams since the Taylor Era (Tony Dorigo, Carlton Palmer, David White, Chris Woods, Tony Daley et al) John Terry is a diamond in a lot of prima donnas, can’t be arsed players who havent an inch of pride to wear the shirt and go into battle, whatever the nature of the game. John Terry is our captain.
However maybe he is paying the price for simply being an “English Defender” (get it!! sigh!! Fuck off then!!) 

Welcome to Its All RIGHT

This is our flag, it should be loved, cherished, saluted and respected. Not desecrated by the EU!!


Good day to you all, hope everyone who is reading this my new blog site is very good today.
Well whats it all about? who am I? what am I? What the fuck am I on about all the time.

Well ok a little about me, I like sports, football, books, films, music, cooking etc etc..

Oh and I do quite happen to like politics also and am very opinionated,I have very mixed views, I’m a very Hard line Right wing Conservative, although I throw my allegiance behind my beloved UKIP. I feel very let down by the coalition government, I would still after over 20 years still be ardently behind them, however this watered down, Lib Dem influenced government will not achieve anything. How on earth can a Conservative Party mix with Europhiles, Communists and dead beat wishy washy wretches that don’t know whether they lean to the left, a liberal, labour, maybe green. “oh fuck it I’m just on the gravy train anyway!!. I do admire David Cameron however he is controlled by the vile, slimey smarm machine of Nick Clegg, the man who proudly covers his shoulders with the EU flag, kissing the stars on his chest whilst ranting how wonderful the Human Rights act is and waxing lyrical about mass immigration and how we should once and for all rip off the gates to our borders and let the floodgates open to everyone from everywhere and give them everything they want!!

The only thing this government is going to achieve is humiliation at the next election to the most incompetent, clueless, extreme far left Europhile Labour leadership, the country and indeed the Labour Party have ever known!!

Ed Milliband & Ed Balls and the rest of them, regardless of which party you support, there is no argument that this opposition is the most, clueless and hypocritical shower of shit that has ever ever come from Labour. Gordon Brown in his 3 years of leadership wrecked this country beyond repair and now the leadership are from his disciples!!

Am I”extreme”? Nooo I wouldn’t say that, But I am looking out onto my beloved country and not really to happy with  whats going on!!