In Defence

I am an ardent listener to “Your Call” on BBC Radio 5 live ( I know its the Beeb, I know I dont approve of it but this is a very good show!!) any ways, whilst debating about John Terry a caller said along the lines of, “Sorry if im being racist but the manager of England should be English”. (words to that effect anyways). BUT, why is that being racist, why is speaking up for your country racist.

So is “English a racist word, is Defending your country a racist action.

Ive never know how The English Defence League, with Gay, Black, Jewish members can be branded, racist, nazi, fascist and homophobic for exercising their right to make a peaceful protest and a stand against a radical Islam & terrorism.

How can condoning Terrorism, death, violence &  forced marriage be racist!!

How can the UAF, who fraternize  with terrorists, condone terror atrocities and hate the Jews be branded as the heroes. In the face of a peaceful and democratic protest, the UAF as with all left-wing groups resort to über violence, riot and dis-order.

When anything connected to the Left rears its ugly head, violence always follows yet it is the EDL who is branded responsible.

Something is not Right!!

Lets jump in a time machine (Oh God I wish I could!!, that’s a life full of regrets speaking!!) and look back to the EDL march in Bolton 2010, I recall a man who used to stand in Victoria Street, An American WW2 veteran, he was a Communist, holding anti-war placards and handing out Communist newspapers. Having had chats with him on a few occasions, He fought gallantly and regardless of political divide I had a lot of respect for him, as I do all war heroes, however I could not believe the hatred this gentleman had for the Jews and Israel, “The Iraq war, was because of the Jews”, “The Jews control everything”. This I found very insulting as I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for the Jews, I think Israelis and the people of the Jewish faith are some of the kindest, hardworking, compassionate and caring people I have ever met, not to mention, the strength and dignity they have always in the face of adversity. (Sorry getting off the subject but im quite protective of the Jews). anyways where was I…. aah yes so anyways, when the Extreme UAF and Radical Islamic groups came together in Bolton, this little old man was straight back to the front, holding up his placard and again fair play to him, that’s the soldier in him coming out and the fighting spirit. Yet when interviewed he stated that he had “fought Nazis and didnt want them back”!! eerrr correct me if Im wrong but didnt the Nazis have a few issues with the Jews?? yet he was marching proudly with an anti semitic group!! Must just be me!!
I dont condone any violence which may occur from EDL protestors also, there is no need for it and no need to stoop to the level of the thuggish yobs of the UAF.
However the message coming from the EDL has no malice or hatred in it whatsoever, only words of defence for a nation that has some big problems!!

Cor!!! What a Beauty!! The UAF bringing a bit of glamour to the show!!!


On a final thought of English defence, I was saddened about the sacking of John Terry as England Captain as I am an ardent supporter of the fact, “innocent til proven guilty” If John Terry is found guilty, then my stance will change and I will never show him an ounce of support again. I hate racism it is unacceptable in any form, the colour of ones skin or choice of religion should never ever be used as a platform for hatred. But I also hate acts of terror and violence in the name of religion, whatever religion that be. Anyways. I have been branded a “racist” for supporting John  Terry who has yet to be convicted of the charge, also regardless of what he is supposed to have said, I was not there, I did not hear it and I am not in a position to judge. As a football fan I want the best for my team and John Terry in my opinion is the best defender England has had since Bobby Moore, he is a leader, he has a voice and is a commanding presence in defence. In what has to be one of the worst England teams since the Taylor Era (Tony Dorigo, Carlton Palmer, David White, Chris Woods, Tony Daley et al) John Terry is a diamond in a lot of prima donnas, can’t be arsed players who havent an inch of pride to wear the shirt and go into battle, whatever the nature of the game. John Terry is our captain.
However maybe he is paying the price for simply being an “English Defender” (get it!! sigh!! Fuck off then!!) 

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