Welcome to Its All RIGHT

This is our flag, it should be loved, cherished, saluted and respected. Not desecrated by the EU!!


Good day to you all, hope everyone who is reading this my new blog site is very good today.
Well whats it all about? who am I? what am I? What the fuck am I on about all the time.

Well ok a little about me, I like sports, football, books, films, music, cooking etc etc..

Oh and I do quite happen to like politics also and am very opinionated,I have very mixed views, I’m a very Hard line Right wing Conservative, although I throw my allegiance behind my beloved UKIP. I feel very let down by the coalition government, I would still after over 20 years still be ardently behind them, however this watered down, Lib Dem influenced government will not achieve anything. How on earth can a Conservative Party mix with Europhiles, Communists and dead beat wishy washy wretches that don’t know whether they lean to the left, a liberal, labour, maybe green. “oh fuck it I’m just on the gravy train anyway!!. I do admire David Cameron however he is controlled by the vile, slimey smarm machine of Nick Clegg, the man who proudly covers his shoulders with the EU flag, kissing the stars on his chest whilst ranting how wonderful the Human Rights act is and waxing lyrical about mass immigration and how we should once and for all rip off the gates to our borders and let the floodgates open to everyone from everywhere and give them everything they want!!

The only thing this government is going to achieve is humiliation at the next election to the most incompetent, clueless, extreme far left Europhile Labour leadership, the country and indeed the Labour Party have ever known!!

Ed Milliband & Ed Balls and the rest of them, regardless of which party you support, there is no argument that this opposition is the most, clueless and hypocritical shower of shit that has ever ever come from Labour. Gordon Brown in his 3 years of leadership wrecked this country beyond repair and now the leadership are from his disciples!!

Am I”extreme”? Nooo I wouldn’t say that, But I am looking out onto my beloved country and not really to happy with  whats going on!!


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